Seven Ways of Importing Data Into Salesforce


For a business to grow and expand it is indispensable to have an integrated Customer Relationship Management system that allows you to stay connected with the customers, import opportunities and to streamline the business process. Salesforce CRM is a unique system based on Cloud computing platform that aids the organization to connect with the customers and share relevant information. This is highly useful for the organization to create business opportunities and share information as well. However in the beginning this Salesforce CRM had only a few ways to import your data. Now there is a variety of incredible ways to import opportunities into Salesforce.

Importing Data Into Salesforce and How to Import Opportunities:

The following are the various options available and you can choose the one that best fits your requirements. 1. Salesforce import wizards: Importing data into salesforce with this method which developed by and provides a unified interface that allows you to import opportunities and data for a number of standard Salesforce objects. This is indeed touted as a simple tool for accounts, contacts, leads, solutions and custom objects. This is available absolutely free of cost and helps to prevent duplicate data from being loaded. 2. Apex loader: This is yet another easy-to-use tool that helps you with importing data into salesforce objects effectively. This is also developed by and available absolutely free of cost. It is indeed a simple and no download required app for Salesforce. With this you can import, export and also delete an unlimited amount of data and information into Salesforce. It also saves your mappings. 3. Excel connector: This is also totally free and a great option for those who love excel. This is a handy tool for bi-directional movement of records and for loading small batches. No wonder it is hailed as the one useful for cleaning and mass updating data from within a spread sheet. 4. Demand tools: This is yet another leading data quality toolset for It is not only a powerful tool for data loading but also has a suite of tools for maintaining data quality. 5. Jitterbit data loader for Salesforce: This is also a free tool that enables Salesforce administrators to manage and importing data into salesforce, export of essential data effectively and quickly with Salesforce. It runs on PC or MAC and supports multiple org logins. You can also manage operations from anywhere and on any device also. It is compatible with all Salesforce group editions and above. 6. Dataloader io: This is yet another clean and simple interface that makes it easy to import, export and delete data. It incorporates a nice looking Cloud user interface with a powerful toolset. It also allows you to schedule task and opportunity imports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. 7. Informatica Cloud data loader for Salesforce: This is another free data loading application that automates the import and export of Salesforce and data between databases. It works on all Salesforce professional editions and above. Yes, with this crucial tool you can secure sensitive data with data masking. Get more information regarding how to check salesforce edition.


Now that you are familiar with the various ways to import opportunities into Salesforce you can choose the one that best suits your individual needs and requirements. Import opportunities allow you to easily import a CSV file of new opportunities or even perform a mass update.
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