This Valentine’s Day – Fall in Love with Salesforce

There are many reasons why your employees should fall in love with salesforce. It is one of the leading customer relationship management softwares in the market right now. Salesforce is secure. Each web page and screen on this software is well designed to be visually appealing. It is always introducing innovative updates, which means that

Highrise vs Salesforce – Match Off!

For a number of significant reasons, Salesforce has become the king of CRM in most forums where it’s discussed. CRM being the big backbone of modern business it is, the rank of top CRM is a big title to hold. Naturally, in the wake of the SaaS revolution, a number of competitors rise from the

Salesforce vs Siebel – Match!

Salesforce has been holding its position at the tops of most CRM comparison lists, and it tends to win out in most of the comparison pieces where it’s pitted against specific other titles too. Blow for blow, Salesforce, while of course not perfect, seems to have the right combination of stuff to beat any gimmick

Salesforce Browser Support vs Microsoft CRM

Perhaps you’ve noticed the polarizing debate regarding the two leaders of CRM: Salesforce vs Microsoft CRM Dynamics. Microsoft is a bit of a latecomer to the SaaS concept, having held onto the traditional software concept longer than most (for a lot of obvious reasons). That does put them at a slight disadvantage when it comes

How to save 10,000 hours on your Salesforce in just 1 hour!

Did you know that with just a few cool tools you can increase your SalesForce productivity dramatically? Discover the solutions that will increase your SalesForce output ten-fold from senior managers presenting their technology. In this video You’ll learn from some of the most popular technologies being downloaded on SalesForce today: Key metrics to monitor your

How Salesforce Service Cloud Transforms Customer Experience

In the past, customer service was mainly focused on face-to-face or phone-based conversations, but nowadays the ax has been significantly shifted. People seem to prefer social media, instant chats and computer-aided assistance more simply because it delivers an immediate experience and helps them resolve their problems right on the spot, regardless of their location. We