What is Salesforce and what are the Benefits of Creating Reports in Salesforce?

The main value of keeping data in Salesforce is that one can report on it using custom reports or pre-built reports. With reports, you can easily create visibility among your management teams as well as co-workers. You can use these data to create actionable dashboards and metrics. To ensure the full advantages of reporting, it is highly advisable you follow these concepts. They include the following.


1. Start at the top. Talk to the managers to find out their reporting needs prior reporting.

2. Train before creating reports in Salesforce to ensure that you fully understand the true capabilities of reports before you even start creating them. You can do so by the help of        Salesforce tutorial or from a Salesforce help desk.

3. Be a good reporter by asking the right questions in order to determine the needs of the people in your organization.


The Benefits of Creating Reports in Salesforce Include the Following

1. Saves you time, money and allows you to concentrate more on your business

The advent of creating reports in Salesforce allows different businesses to subscribe to the already built, customizable and on-demand services without incurring the high fees charged for maintenance and other costs related with large, time and daunting process involved when creating a large corporate vision of Salesforce.

The architecture of Salesforce allows a reduction in the total ownership cost, less time wasted, risk reduction as well as the ability to concentrate on business management rather than technology. This means that you will have more time and energy to ensure success of your business. Thus, creating reports in Salesforce is very essential.  

2. Enables contract management and offers real-time reports and analytics

Essentially, it enables different companies to manage the contract’s lifespan by simply shortening the approval cycles for renewing contracts sooner, reducing the administrative costs and contracts. Salesforce reports help to improve the management and tracking of the contract information such as evaluations, terms and conditions.

 It also offers a comprehensive analytic program which allows one to track the ROI on the marketing campaigns, lead conversion ratios, traffic levels, content effectiveness and many more. Users are able to access the information so as to evaluate the company’s past performance and show its weaknesses and strengths with the intent to repair the deficiencies. Simply, it allows one to customize other reports based on the processed data by the analytic program.  

3. It is customizable as well as understandable

Creating these reports in the Salesforce is fully customizable and down to the color of the bar graph you want on the analytics report. Most of the websites can work with you in order to develop a special application that you want. However, unlike many CRM programs which abound on the web, the Salesforce reports are cheaper to implement and therefore it is easily understandable to most of the users.

The conclusions of Creating Reports in Salesforce

The above are the key benefits of creating reports in Salesforce. You can simply create reports and surely you will get the above benefits.

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