The Best Salesforce Training Tools

Salesforce Training is a popular topic lately, and I’m not surprised. With its programmable interface, intuitive databasing and powerful API, Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM suites out there.

What is The Best Salesforce Training and Why it is So Important?

Salesforce training is important because Salesforce is a complicated suite; To get the most out of it, let alone master it, you  need to train and learn on a continuous basis.

The great thing about Salesforce is that you can use the most basic features of it from the get go. Those who are familiar with CRM and any previous tool chain or software suite predating it, have an advantage. Salesforce merely refines and expands CRM.

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What are the Best Salesforce Training Solutions ?

Well, there are a few methods you can use to train your employees, some better than others. It all depends on your taste your students learning style.

Video is the most Popular training source.YouTube has a vast array of videos by experienced authors and directors, who show you the ins and outs of Salesforce. Although video may be hard to follow (with pause, go back, play…). I recommend it as a primary learning source because when there’s something as complex and intricate as Salesforce, there’s nothing like seeing a process unfold in front of your eyes.

Articles and training blogs are another good learning source. They can educate you in tidbits and tutorials, on a daily basis. There are thousands of posts and articles about how to get the most out of Salesforce and its many functionalities. These publications present you with real world innovation and experience, both by other users and by the Salesforce developers themselves. read relevant information on salesforce tutorials page.

What is the most efficient, helpful solution for training?

One solution is WalkMe. WalkMe is a scriptable, guidance and tutorial system which can be  integrated within Salesforce. It allows users to operate Salesforce for on the job training, live.  WalkMe tracks their progress, highlighting mistakes and demonstrating the concept-over and over again – as many times as they need – until they get it down pat.

What’s more, this software also allows real work to be done – on Salesforce – while they are training. Users are learning by doing. This means that there is little time lost for orientation, migration and the like.

WalkMe requires no programming knowledge; the intricate guidance and tutorial systems that are implemented are platform independent and very intelligent.

Videos and blogs are certainly a good option , but they don’t come close to offering the same level of realistic, experience-driven, visual learning that WalkMe offers.

When it comes to the best  Salesforce training material, it all boils down to what your learning preferences are and how you think. You may find video to be your best, or you may find that writing suites you better. But both sides would agree that a smart, intrinsic tutorial system like WalkMe can work wonders, no matter what your learning preferences may be.

Readers interested in alternative methods, should click on Salesforce training videos.

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