The Complete Salesforce Sales Cloud Guide

The Salesforce Sales Cloud can act as a major solution to support the objectives of your business. Whether you need a customer or contact management, or you need a tracking plan for your activities or you need an overall business management tool, this program can be the perfect fit for that. The solution helps your sales team to be more focused to the relevant resources and opportunities. With this system, your sales force would work more competently. Conversely, the management will have actual information in order to make faster and informed business decisions.

The Complete Salesforce Sales Cloud Guide

Areas Of Coverage

Generally, the Salesforce Sales Cloud will help the business to grow in various categories. Generally, it is a management tool for the sales activities of a business. Some of the benefits that the system would help you with include the following;

1. Getting More Deals

Regardless of the size of the company, the system helps you to reach more people and as a result, you will get more deals. Here are the various ways that the system will help you clinch more deals;

• Contact Management

Under content management, the system plays a huge role. Here, you will have a comprehensive view of the customers. This includes the key contact, the history of the activities, the internal account discussions as well as the customer communications. You will also be able to have the insights from all the common social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. All these sites will be incorporated within the Salesforce.

• Management Of Opportunities

You will have access to all the details on the deals of your sales team. Such details include competition, products, stage, quotes, among others. You will also get a solid link to the clients, and the system will provide you with the information you will require to execute each sale.

• Collaborations Of Sales

You will also be able to understand the ability and wisdom of every player in the company with the help of a social collaboration network that has been specifically designed for your business. The system also helps you track the most lucrative deals, as well as find professionals. You will gain access to vital information and specific resources that helps you close more deals in the shortest time possible.

• Management Of The Sales Performance

The system helps you to drive the performance of the team to a new level, thanks to the This also lets you set the goals that are metric based, offer unremitting feedback, offering coaching notes and boosting the winning behavior of the team. All this will be accomplished with actual rewards and recognition.

2. Increase Your Leads

One of the important aspects of online marketing is to be able to maximize the leads, and reaching out to the furthest client possible. You can enhance your conversion rates as well as boost your revenue as you use this system. Some of the areas that will help you get more leads include the following;

• Management Of The Leads

You can depend on the lead management to help you track your leads. As you track the leads, you can continue to optimize your campaigns throughout the channels. This lets you to make more rational decisions concerning the areas that you need to invest your money in.

• Marketing Automation

This is another important aspect that is vital when it comes to business management. You can create, implement and manage the online campaigns effectively using the Pardot Marketing Automation. Your marketing and sales teams will be able to work together in order to generate leads. They will also work together to reduce the sales cycles and prove marketing liability.

• Sales Data

You will be able to get the right data of sales at the right time using the This will help you link up with the major decision makers quickly. You will also plan the territories easily and enhance the sales and marketing output using the most advanced and precise data.

Management Of Partners

You can build and authorize the network of your partners using the Partner Community. This will allow you to link directly with the channel partners in order to share the objectives, activities and goals in a branded and secure environment.

3. Hasten Productivity

The Salesforce Sales Cloud also helps to accelerate the productivity of the business. You will be able to control each deal, daily. Here are some of the aspects that will help you hasten the productivity of your business;

• Mobile

There is a mobile app, The Salesforce1 Mobile App, which will help you use your mobile device as an office for managing your sales. Through the app, you can manage the call logs, the work opportunities, you can respond to lucrative deals, and you can also view the dashboard while on the go.

• Approvals And Workflow

You can use the Visual Workflow to design and mechanize a business process using the drag-drop function. This will help you drive the success with a versatile process of approval for expenses, discounts on the deals and other aspects.

• Inside Sales Support

You will be able to provide the sales teams with a professional guide that shows them how they should work, and they will be able to work faster and smarter. The representatives will be able to see the intelligence in the sales, and the comprehensive information about the company. You will also enhance the leads on one screen in order to create a pipeline that develop deals faster.

• File Synchronization and Sharing

You can also share the files easily, discuss and publish the most ideal, as well as tracking down the content instantly. You will be able to find what you are searching for and share it privately. You also have an option of subscribing to receive alerts whenever anything is altered.

• Email Integration

You can use Outlook to sync your content from the events and contacts to the tasks and other content. This can be done using Salesforce, via an integration. For that, people will move from the inbox within the shortest time possible.


Generally, this system is the great deal that will assure you of maximized sales and that everything else is in the right place. With the Salesforce Sales Cloud, you can be sure of saving time and money, because some functions will be carried out automatically.

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