Top Salesforce Dreamforce Articles You Just Have to Read

Hey Everyone, Another week has come and gone and the Salesforce Sphere is Buzzing as always, especially with the culmination of Dreamforce 2013. Each Thursday, I summarize and send all the best and most talked about Salesforce articles, uploaded to the blog. This week, the focus is on the lessons learned from Dreamforce. And, here they are: For Marketers, Salesforce1 Aspires to Be The Platform of Customer Obsession Dreamforce Conference that was held in San Francisco last week sought to inform marketers that had purchased ExactTarget. Corinne Munchbach takes a look at some of the effects of this turn of events on marketers and Forrester clients. What is Salesforce1 Anyway? Saleforce1 is one of the new innovations launched in the just completed Dreamforce conference 2013. So, what does it entails? John R. Rymer answers this question in this top notch article. 4 Strategic Lessons from Dreamforce 2013 Personally, I think Dreamforce 2013 was one of the most influential and content packed conference this year. Here are 4 major strategic lessons that were covered during this event by John J. Wall. What 22 B2B Experts Took Away from Dreamforce #DF13 Dreamforce 2013 attracted more than 10,000 professionala and aspiring marketers and business personnel from all across the globe. Matt Heinz takes a look at some of the valuable lessons that B2B experts learnt from this event. 5 Companies to follow up on From Dreamforce 2013 Companies that attended Dreamforce 2013 took time to briefly explain their aspirations and plans for the future. Here is my list of five top companies that you should follow up on. Hope you enjoyed the top Dreamforce 2013 articles of the week!
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