Train Salesforce to Work for You – Instead of Training Employees to Work with Salesforce

In most enterprises these days, end-user adoption of Salesforce and its rich features is one of the most significant factors that determine and drive business results. But how intuitive and easy do your employees find Salesforce? And how do you help those, which have experience operating other CRM systems, to smoothly transition to Salesforce? The issue of low end-user adoption is a well-recorded and perennial one, even in applications like Salesforce. Ensuring proper Salesforce usage, lowering number of errors and increasing user productivity is essential. It is also crucial for an enterprise using Salesforce to provide just-in-time, directly relevant and specific guidance to employees who are using Salesforce, so that they can perform any Salesforce task successfully. So, what happens after your new employees are trained? How do you ensure users continue to utilize Salesforce successfully, even when new features are introduced? How do you onboard new users with minimal impact to the business? How do you keep end-user support and ongoing training costs as low as possible? WalkMe was created as an answer all these questions and challenges. WalkMe enables enterprises to overlay with no programming effort, a series of “Walk-Thrus” that guide users through their Salesforce experience, to quickly and easily complete even the most complex tasks. When implemented, users receive clear and error-proof onscreen instructions – displayed as a series of tip balloons within the application, as they perform the actual process from start to finish. Think of it as if you are sitting right next to your users, guiding them through each Salesforce task, step-by-step. WalkMe works on top of all popular browsers – and works across multiple business applications. The result: WalkMe guides and drives users to self-task successfully, slashing the time to Salesforce proficiency.
Amanda is the Lead Author & Editor of Rainforce Blog. Amanda established the Rainforce blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to Salesforce usage.