Weekly roundup- 5 Salesforce articles you must read

Hi there! This week’s top 5 list is as diverse as it gets- ranging from entertaining, to insightful, to personal and technicalץ Check out our picks for the best Saelsforce articles of the week:  

1. Taylor Swift + Salesforce:

Starting up this week’s top 5 is a short yet very insightful post by David Liu, addressing a common question in the tech world- ‘Should I learn to code? Is it possible to catch up with people who not only code better than you, but also more often than you? Well it seems that the answer is that it doesn’t matter. Because Taylor Swift. YUP.  

2. An Interview With SteveMo!

Steve Molis AKA SteveMo is a world famous Salesforce admin, maybe THE most famous- So he probably has one or two tips to offer you, no matter how experienced you are.  Salesforce Bullet Blog’s Ryan Lorenzen recently interviewed Steve, and his answers are both insightful and helpful for admins of all levels- beginners and experts alike. Check it out!

3. Five Salesforce Data Cleaning Tips:

I’ve recently joined a great LinkedIn group called “Salesforce Data Quality Forum” and the amount of frustration from bad, disorganized and eventually disorienting data I’ve seen there kind of proved my theory – no one really cares about their data quality until it reaches a point where it’s so all over the place, you can’t find anything. So here’s a great article by Waqar Hassan with important data handling tips.  

4. The Best Way to Learn How to Send Mass Email in Salesforce

Last one for this week’s list is a short, basic guide I recently wrote that’ll help you send mass emails in Salesforce and save precious time at work. While sending an email can be easy, it can also be challenging. This is with regard to the total number of emails you wish to send. Following the right procedure can help you send mass email in Salesforce easily. Also, with a reliable Salesforce training material, you can learn how to send the mails to different contacts.  

5. Halloween Special feature: Things not to be scared of in Salesforce – Jenny’s Admin Tip #6

Desynit’s Jenny Bamber offers frequently posted, tastefully written articles that contain great Salesforce tips, and her Halloween post is no different- detailing the major ‘scares’ and admin might encounter, and how to get past them with ease. Great read!
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