Introduce for Salesforce CRM and Discover Exactly What is Salesforce

Salesforce CRM is a software that runs on the cloud and it offers Customer Relationship Management services to an organization. There are a number of applications that are used for the CRM in organizations. So, what is Salesforce? It is a cloud-based tool that helps in the CRM.

What is Salesforce CRM and How Can its Features Help Me

The features of Salesforce make up the entire definition of the software. Here is a look at the common Salesforce CRM features: – Case Appreciation Rules When there is a reliable case management, there will be a higher chance of the success of the customers. The technical support and the customer service teams can highly depend on the case management automation and features. They are also called the case escalation rules, which integrate with Salesforce. – Email to Salesforce With this feature, you will need to learn how to add fields in Salesforce, which can be found on any Salesforce CRM tutorial. This is a tool that is quite suitable for an email-oriented sales unit that is quite occupied. The feature will help the sales team to automatically link the emails to leads, opportunities and contacts. Understanding this feature helps you to really get what is Salesforce. – Web-to-case With this feature, you can collect the customer service requests instantly from the website of your company and generate several cases daily. With this feature, the organization can be more responsive to the customers. Now you are starting to get what is Salesforce. – Suggested solutions There is the Solution tab, which assists the customer support service team to build a set of appropriate info, which lets the customers and support reps to answer to questions quickly. This boosts the customer experience, since the customer support staff will have the customer’s opinion. – Support Activity Reports The customer support team can use the support reports to follow up the activity on the number of cases that have been created, the emails, case comments and other related information. This one is aimed at knowing the exact problem that is mostly faced by the customers.

Benefits of Salesforce CRM

For anyone that would want to know, what is Salesforce? Then here are the common benefits that are associated with the tool; -Easy to use. Even though there is always a Salesforce CRM tutorial for the beginners, the platform is quite easy to use. The features are easily understandable and can be followed easily. – Superb functionality. The tool offers an excellent system of functionality and integration. It will offer an organization with a service that helps to collaborate the data easily between departments. – Flexible. The tool is also quite customizable and it has a wider applicability for several businesses and companies. It can integrate easily with different business models. – Excellent user resources. The tool is basically designed to offer the user with amazing features and services, which is the main backbone of an organization.


After spending time training, you should have a better idea of what is Salesforce and why it’s beneficial for your business. With the right Salesforce training material, you will be sure you understand the entire system and know how to apply it within your organization.  
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